Local News Bloopers

Best Local News Bloopers

I’ve got to say that watching some of these funny news bloopers is hilarious.  The fails that these young news casters experience makes me feel really good about myself.  I don’t normally love laughing at other people’s misfortunes, but who can help but chuckle at some of these moments.

I was thinking earlier today when I dropped by a friends house in Ridgefield Connecticut that these small towns are haven for funny things caught on tape.  They’ve got a little show in town that lets the residents know about what’s going on in the neighborhood.  My friend and I sat down to watch it and within 5 minutes there was a mistake.

You could tell by the look on the other newscaster’s face that this mistake happens often.

She was like:

Come on… man, you do this every time!

My buddy didn’t think it was as funny as I, but he’s not someone who really gets a kick out of forecasting bloopers.  On the other hand I get a real kick out of watching them.  I’ve been there and I’ve messed up.  When I said my lines wrong or froze on camera my colleagues at the office sure gave me a verbal whipping.

The Worst Blooper of My Life

This one time I was on scene at a crime in the park.  It was a robbery where there was a guy going around stealing people’s strollers.  My mom and dad had always told me that I’ve got to watch or should I say “wash” my mouth.  I’m an honest person.  This honest guy writing this now is also standing 6 foot 5 and weighing in at 300+ pounds.  Needless to say… I don’t scare easily.

So, I’m in the middle of these newscast when a strange thought occurs to me.  Sure enough I just blurt it out!

Why on earth would someone be stupid enough to steal people’s strollers?

My camera man started laughing as those words inched their way out of my mouth.  Of course the station didn’t find it nearly as funny as the cameraman and I.  Later that day I was fired.  A week later I was rehired as the news station got praise from the local super about the hilarity of the news cast.

So, in the end…  I’m totally allowed to laugh guilt-free to at these bloopers.  You should too!

News Bloopers

Funniest Moments

After seeing the catastrophe that was Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico in my last post, I figure we need to lighten up the situation.  What better way to lighten up the situation than showing some TV Bloopers!

I tried to find some Forecasting Bloopers, but they weren’t very good.  However, there are certainly a couple great forecast related bloopers in the video below.  Remember, we are just human.  We make mistakes.  Just because we’re on TV doesn’t mean we’re perfect.

In fact, a lot of the time the people on TV have bigger problems than you might think.  Top 100 Weather isn’t the type of blog to talk about that though!

Check out this video of the Best TV News Bloopers!

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

When the storm hit Puerto Rico recently it was a absolute disaster.  The problem with the situation in PR is that they weren’t ready what so ever.  I keep wanting to say the “country” even though they are part of the USA.

Most people, myself included think of PR as completely separate than the USA.  Trump feels the same way about the situation as they’ve put themselves in.

In such a sensitive topic as this I’ve got to include a little comedy.  Trump throwing paper towels out to the crowd in Puerto Rico… now that is OVER THE TOP.

What was he possibly thinking?

What are your thoughts on this matter?